Nine Ways to #Fail at Digital Marketing

1. More stuffing than Christmas

Keyword stuffing of URLs and page content is something that Econsultancy has covered time and time again, yet some people still insist on doing it. It’s pretty unethical, and also carries quite heavy penalties if you get caught. (And it’s likely you will).

On top of this, stuffing is ridiculously dated and adds little, if no value, to rankings today.

2. Spam, spam, spam

Not all spam comes from the expected stereotypical senders and not all of it is through email. People sometimes seem to forget this. The very definition of spam is that of “a disruptive commercial message”. (Interestingly, ISOC claims that the term comes from the canned-meat counterpart and a Monty Python sketch).

I never cease to be surprised by the sheer amount of disruptive messages that companies insist on sending me. Email, Twitter, IM services and SMS have all fallen victim to poorly targeted, badly-thought-out advertising efforts.

Just think before you start blindly throwing marketing messages around – it’s bloody annoying for the recipient on the other end.

Check out the other 7 at the original site…


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