If Chess were Played like Some Companies do New Media Marketing

I suck at chess. I thought we’d just get that out of the way up front. You see chess is a game of both strategy and tactics. Strategy deals with the longer term aims of the game, positional or material advantage for example, whilst tactics cover things like the short number of moves taken to capture a more valuable piece during an exchange.

Now the tactics are easy, I can handle that. Once you know the rules of how each piece moves around the board, formulating tactics based on that is pretty straight forward. It’s different with strategy though. A good chess strategy takes a lot of knowledge to formulate. It means studying the voluminous text on openings and end games and the like; and although I like the game, the cost of the time involved to study it far outweighs the benefit to me of knowing how to play well.

It turns out that being good at new media marketing is very similar to playing a game of chess. In other words… you can’t rely on tactics alone, you need a good strategy too. As an evangelist for DevExpress, I like to watch how other companies handle their new media marketing. Some of the companies I see flit from one new media tactic to another (from Facebook to Twitter to blogging etc) without any clear idea of what they want to achieve in any given area.



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